Kristin Ryan Shea in the Boutique

Friday, September 22, 2017 at 7:00 PM

We're inviting you to welcome Kristin Ryan Shea and her heartfelt drawings and words to the walls of RIPE Art Gallery! Join us for Artist Reception in our boutique, on Friday, 9/22/17 from 7-9. Kristin's simple, yet poignant ink drawings draw you into her personal journey through the twists and turns of life.


Ratgrrl at RIPE Vendor Circus!

Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Ratgrrl at RIPE Vendor Circus!
Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 12-6pm
RIPE is handing Ratgrrl. the keys to plan a vendor Circus for September 23rd from 12-6.
Blondie's Bake Shop food truck will be parked outside if you're hungry,
"Felix the Great, Forecaster of the Future" will be doing tarot readings,
Plans for our Bombshell with her tattoo flash temporary tattoos,
photo booth spot and great merch from you guys!
We have Jeffery K. Fisher drawing studio here, so dress in your Circus and freak show best, and they'll make art out of you!

Vendor/Exhibitors selling merch:

Kitschy Witch Designs by Stephanie Buscema spooky inspired art prints, jewelry, accessories
Paper Doll Vintage/Curiousity Shop featuring Sueey Gutierrez. art, vintage, inspired clothing and accessories.
Rosie's Vintage. amazing vintage housewares, accessories and weirdness.
Hideaway Vinyl. records!
Wicked Crafts. handmade jewelry with vintage parts.
Ratgrrl. prints, candles, acrylic link chains, and accessories.
Margot and Cobalina. paper crafts, and art.
Theresa Christensen. prints, and such.
Jay Stuart. art, comics, tarot cards and books.
Seven29. wood unisex jewelry and accessories
Jesami Designs embroidered items
Jennifer G. Peper art
Della's Hatbox. gorgeous handmade hats.
Nicole Franz. art, accessories.
Sam Neukirch and Nice Garage Studio
Lauren Skelly Bailey -ceramic artist
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Art- pins!
What was is Vintage- vintage items and jewelry
GonzoFace cosmetics- handmade and cruelty free cosmetics

Questions from Vendors... please message Ratgrrl or


NOW SHOWING: Theresa Christensen

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM

NOW SHOWING!!! RIPE is thrilled to show a brand new, exclusive series of paintings by Theresa Christensen,titled " The Mother of All Shows" will be on view from September 16th through October 12th 2017.

About the show from Ms. Christensen:
Over the past five years, I became a mother to two amazing children. While motherhood is truly the greatest opportunity that I have ever been given, it has been an interesting journey trying to combine life as a mom with life as a full time artist and painter. When Ripe invited me to do a solo show for them, I knew that I would be creating a series of paintings with a very specific theme, just as I always have. I knew it was time to paint the women from whom I draw inspiration each and every day. It was time to honor all of the television moms I have watched and learned from over the past 30 years. It was at this moment of realization that "The Mother Of All Shows" was born.

Theresa Christensen is a long-time artist, whose portraits, illustrations and 3-dimensional figures are directly influenced by pop culture, primarily movies and television shows from the 1970’s through today. A native of Long Island, New York, Theresa received a healthy dose of television and movies as an impressionable youth, and taught herself to draw (before she even knew her ABC’s/123’s) by copying images and illustrations she spotted in Rolling Stone, Archie Comics, and MAD Magazine. Theresa began painting in the mid 1990’s while attending SUNY New Paltz, as a visual arts major. Since then, she has shown her work in Manhattan and Long Island. Theresa has drawn creative inspiration from other artists who have successfully made a name for themselves in the industry portraying movie and music icons in their work.
Theresa also designed the cover of journalist/author Greg Prato’s novel, “MTV Ruled The World: The Early Years of Music Video.” Theresa has sold her work at The Roebling Fair, a sidewalk art fair hosted by Tara McPherson’s Art Boutique The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY. She was named “Best Artist/Painter” on Long Island by the Bethpage Best of Long Island for 2015, and 2017 competitions.


Jay Stuart's "Manifesto of the Macabre"

Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 7:00 PM

It is once again October- a month to embrace the darkness and engulf oneself in the dark, twisted mind of artist Jay Stuart! His MANIFESTO of the MACABRE is a collection of new and exciting works plus a display of his greatest hits from the past. These pieces will challenge your mind, make you feel uneasy and yet fascinate you as the macabre, social commentaries of bizarre art fill the walls of Ripe Art Gallery!

At a young age, Jay Stuart found himself drawing things from out of his mind inspired by the depths of his imagination. As he got older, he began studies at Hoftsra art classes for the young and then attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC studying illustration and cartooning. From then he has worked for various art jobs from comics to fashion design. His work is mainly illustrations with india ink and brush which he finds the perfect medium to translate his macabre ideas into reality. He also extends his illustration in oil and acrylic paints bringing to his audience a set of imagery that only he can explain. Jay Stuart has now started Poppycock Productions which produces various products like storybooks, tarot cards and comic books while also producing gallery art for the Long Island Art community to enjoy.


"Underbelly" by Anthony Zummo

Saturday, December 09, 2017 at 6:00 PM

"December 9th 2017 Anthony Zummo shines a light past the superficial beauty of the world to expose the seedy side of reality.
Using alternating lighting, Zummo lures you into a false sense of safety with beautiful original scenic landscape paintings before the exhibits mood changes and you are exposed to what was hiding just beneath societies facade.
Welcome to the Underbelly"